RAYHAN NOOR Set to Release Debut Album "Menjelang Tiga Puluh" on His 30th Birthday


Sounds Of ConcertCoinciding with RAYHAN NOOR's 30th birthday on June 21, 2023, the Jakarta-born soloist, songwriter, and music producer is gearing up to launch his highly anticipated first full-length album titled "Menjelang Tiga Puluh" (translated to English as "Close in on Thirty"). This 10-track musical masterpiece serves as both a celebration and a reflection of RAYHAN NOOR's twentysomething years, capturing the essence of his journey as he approaches a brand-new decade in life. The album, set to be released under the esteemed music label Sun Eater, showcases RAYHAN NOOR's imaginative and intimate body of work.

RAYHAN NOOR has established himself as an accomplished artist with an impressive track record in the Indonesian music industry. He previously collaborated with fellow soloist Agatha Pricilla on the EP "Colors" in November 2020 and contributed to the success of the alternative-pop band Lomba Sihir's debut album "Selamat Datang di Ujung Dunia" in March 2021. As a guitarist for the alternative-rock band Glaskaca, RAYHAN NOOR honed his skills and gained invaluable experience, making him a versatile and multifaceted musician, songwriter, and music producer.

In a recent interview, RAYHAN NOOR described "Menjelang Tiga Puluh" as a celebration that resonates deeply with its audience. Drawing inspiration from his personal experiences and the world around him, RAYHAN NOOR's music delves into the bittersweet and moody moments of life. He candidly expresses how his journey, particularly throughout his twenties, has been anything but linear. The album serves as a documentation of the chaos and challenges that have shaped him into the artist he is today.

"Menjelang Tiga Puluh" encapsulates RAYHAN NOOR's contemplative ballads such as "Dari Balik Jendela" (translated to English as "From Behind the Window") and "Mau Tak Mau" (translated to English as "Reluctantly"), where he delves into the expectations and pressures imposed by the outside world. Additionally, fiery tracks like "Sepuluh Tahun ke Depan" (translated to English as "The Next Ten Years") stand as his declaration to remain true to the choices he has made for himself over the past decade.

The album beautifully intertwines emotions and memories, showcasing RAYHAN NOOR's unique perspective as a soloist, songwriter, and music producer. One of the album's focal tracks, "Sudah Berbeda" (translated to English as "Different Already"), explores the musician's realization that life rarely conforms to his early presumptions. Furthermore, the song "2106" serves as a personal pact for RAYHAN NOOR to embrace every aspect of his past and future without regrets.

Entering one's thirties is a significant milestone, and RAYHAN NOOR acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead. However, the release of "Menjelang Tiga Puluh" signifies his readiness to embrace this new phase of life fearlessly. Contrary to his previous perception that turning 30 was the finish line, RAYHAN NOOR now sees it as a fresh beginning, filled with self-discovery and new aspirations.

RAYHAN NOOR shared his thoughts on the album, stating, "This debut album couldn't come at a more perfect time because, at this very moment, I have now understood completely who I am and I have gotten to know more about what I want in life. I have also discovered how there are so many new things that I must embrace going forward and the new wisdom that I should take notes of." He further dedicates the album to those who feel they have fallen short in their own lives, emphasizing that life is an ongoing journey with endless possibilities.

"Menjelang Tiga Puluh" by RAYHAN NOOR, released under the Sun Eater label, will be available on various digital streaming platforms starting June 21, 2023.

About RAYHAN NOOR (@rayhannoor):

RAYHAN NOOR is a Jakarta-born soloist, songwriter, and music producer known for his ability to compose captivating pop music that encompasses various life narratives. He first made his mark in the Indonesian music scene as a guitarist for the alternative-rock band Glaskaca in 2013 before venturing into a successful solo career in 2019 with his single "House of Cards." RAYHAN NOOR's versatility was further demonstrated when he joined the alternative-pop band Lomba Sihir and released a joint EP with indie-pop soloist Agatha Pricilla titled "Colors" in 2020. After a string of successful singles in 2022, including "Ragu?" (translated to English as "Doubt?") and "Serupa Semula" (translated to English as "Back to Before"), RAYHAN NOOR is now set to release his debut solo album, "Menjelang Tiga Puluh," in June 2023. RAYHAN NOOR is currently signed under the esteemed music label Sun Eater.

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